We want to lead the way to more sustainable fashion


Why we started

Halla Halla was created with some clear goals: to help keep the oceans clean whilst enabling us to express our creativity and love for fashion. Our passion and purpose in life is to see marine life thrive and we believe in the urgent need for a cleaner ocean. Through our sustainable swimwear we want to lead the way and inspire more environmentally conscious fashion and way of life. Life is too short for unsustainable, uninspiring swimwear!

Halla Halla is always striving to improve to be more ethically responsible in all stages of our business. We will always make sure that all parties we work with align with our core values of sustainable and ethical practices. This has been of paramount importance to us since our inception and we'll make sure to continue to better our practices.

Materials and products

Halla Halla is the very first Finnish swimwear company to use revolutionary fabric that supports the removal of marine debris from our oceans. Our swimwear fabric starts its journey as fishing nets, carpet flooring, fabric scraps and plastic from landfills and oceans all over the world. This waste is collected through different initiatives and projects managed by the Healthy Seas organisation.

After a regeneration and purification process the nylon waste is recycled right back to its original purity: it’s not just as good as new, but better for our planet. By regenerating waste and not using any virgin materials we are saving finite resources and energy whilst also reducing carbon emissions.

These yarns are then created into fabric using our unique designs – the essence of our collections. Our high quality nylon fabric is made with ECONYL® & REPREVE. Our fabric is buttery soft, but durable: it holds its shape to last.

Most of our items are reversible, which means you get two in one – good for us and great for the planet! We also design our bikinis to mix & match and sell them as separates to ensure you find your ultimate faves. All our items can be used on land and in water.

Because we aim to be a sustainable company through our products, production and packaging, we only produce a limited quantity at a time. We choose to make only a calculated amount to limit waste during production and avoid all surplus manufacturing. We refuse to contribute to wasted fabric: all excess fabric is used to create our scrunchies and sampling for new styles.

Manufacturing and packing

All our items are manufactured ethically on the magical island of Bali, at a local factory. We wanted to guarantee the factory we chose to produce our swimwear matched our values. We researched several different options in Bali and carefully selected a factory that reflected our moral and ethical philosophy and practiced sustainable manufacturing.

We are extremely happy with the factory that we have partnered with for years. We visit the factory on a regular basis and value the staff greatly. All our sewing staff are well-paid, and they work in good conditions, all staff is provided with full health insurance for themselves and their families. We’re very happy to employ and support local Balinese people, we adore our team!

After the products are finished, they are placed in biodegradable bags. Our shipping bags are made of cassava starch so they’re 100% biodegradable and home compostable. All our other packaging is made by using recycled materials: hang tags, cards, hygienic stickers. We do not use any plastic in our packaging.


At our sustainable swimwear brand, we believe in more than just creating fashionable swimwear. We are driven by a strong advocacy for preserving our planet and making a positive impact on the environment. That's why we have made it our mission to support various causes, and have donated to various organizations such as Plastic Oceans International, Healthy Seas and Women's Environment & Development.

Our previous Ocean Hun Club limited capsule collection that celebrated where it all started. From our love for the oceans and sustainable fashion we donated 1€ per purchase towards restoring the reef, supporting coral restoration efforts with Coral Gardeners. Our versatile items are perfect for water and land activities, ethically made to make a positive impact. Join us in saving the oceans and stay tuned for our upcoming advocacy project.